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Established in 2004

Started out as a true pioneer In PC Disaster Recovery in the Philippines.

eForensics-Labs is a freelance service that started way back April of 2004. The primary aim is to help individuals or a company recover from a computer crash or a system downtime through extensive recovery techniques and methods.

Trusted and served over hundreds of clients with successful results. Helped recover data for medical transcriptions, lost shipping logistic logs, critical judicial evidences, priceless & old personal pictures, deleted emails, video, etc.

Our Mission and Vision
 Aims to a have meaningful collaboration in IT services with reliability and continuity in mind.

"The Importance of Reliability and Continuity"

| Connect | Find The Struggle | Provide Value |

To achieve what I set out to do, I have expanded my services to a fully pledge online marketing consultancy to help out people who have reached out .

I now offer services such as Application and Website Development, Server Administration, Content Management and Customer Relationship Management.

It's been a lot of fun and a very interesting journey so far. The road map to success wasn’t easy. I keep on learning new things as I have to face many different challenges with many different clients in multiple industries. I am excited about what lies ahead.

If you have some questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via the contact page. We will get back to you ASAP.

eForensics Store Hub team